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When it comes to your entertainment business or intellectual property issues, results come first. Zaller Law Group, PC is committed to providing timely, succinct and business-oriented advice. Our team’s deep understanding of the overlap between technology, media, and the law enables us to help our clients achieve their business goals in the most direct and cost-effective way.

 The law continues to adjust and adapt. Due to the rapidly evolving nature of the entertainment and technology industries, businesses must innovate to survive. So does our firm. Our entertainment and intellectual property practice has grown up with the Internet, from meta tag infringement, cybersquatting, the early days of file-sharing litigation, to technology startup issues, DMCA litigation, reputation rating websites and advising social media influencers.  We represent technology startups, motion picture producers, music studios, animation artists, toy inventors, and many others in the entertainment and media industries.  Representative industries in which we regularly advise clients include film, television, music, fashion, sports, toys, e-commerce and more.

Our team’s insightful strategies and meticulous analysis translates into cost-effective, positive results. Zaller Law Group, PC is committing to simplifying the law and achieving great outcomes for its clients.  Our ultimate commitment is to you.



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