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California Employment Law Report - Weekly employment law & Management updates

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Five common misunderstandings about disciplining employees

Click here to download article published in the Daily Journal on May 9, 2019 regarding confusion and misunderstandings about what constitutes discipline and performance documentation.


Termination checklist considerations

This termination checklist provides an outline of termination considerations employers should consider: 

  • documenting reasons for termination

  • final pay and accounting issues

  • company property and passwords

  • severance agreement considerations

  • final notices required under the law



This white paper discusses some of misconceptions and myths about employee discipline, when severance pay and severance agreements should be used, and other end-of-employment considerations employers should consider.

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Video: California's Ban on asking about job applicant's salary effective january 1, 2018


AB 168 was approved by Governor Brown on October 12, 2017 which prohibits employers from seeking or taking into consideration an applicant’s prior compensation and benefits when determining whether to hire the applicant, and in setting the applicant’s compensation and benefits. The new law creates Labor Code section 432.3. This video covers five issues of the new law that employers must understand.